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First Assembly of God, El Dorado AR

Live Stream

First Assembly streams Sunday morning services starting at 10:00 am (Central Time) and most Wednesday Bible studies beginning at 6:30 pm. Other select events as announced. Contact the church office if you have questions.

If you find our streaming service to be a blessing, please consider a contribution to our media ministry.
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NOTICE ABOUT SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS: The streaming service that we use, Christian World Media, has been experiencing some hacking attacks against their servers on Sunday mornings to try to disrupt service braodcasts. This has caused our stream to go offline mid-service the last couple of weeks. This outage usually only lasts about 5 minutes and we are able to get back online. We recognize this as an attack of the enemy. Please pray with us that CWM will be able to be successful in new security that they are installing this week. Thank you for your patience and prayers.

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*Note: If you are tuning in at a scheduled time and the stream is not working, there may be temporary technical difficulties. Keep trying as we are surely working to remedy the problem. Thanks for watching.